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All meat is not the same. The same goes for production and packaging. We pursue the claim that ready-made feed should also be as little denatured and as natural as possible.


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We do not use raw materials already strongly denatured beforehand, which are already altered in their protein structure (heat, addition of salts, acids, bases, etc.). No grain flours are used, and also no meat that has been treated or altered before processing. All utilised raw materials are free from genetic engineering. All animal products are to the greatest possible extent of regional origin and are processed freshly slaughtered.

  Image of 3ea99de000daecdd58b403a4822bc87b   We are opposed to the pre-treatment of animal products. We receive written assurances from suppliers and control compliance at regular intervals via independent laboratories. After all, BHA/BHT or ethoxyquin (EQ) – which are suspected of causing cancer as well as allergies – are still added to many animal food products or utilised raw materials (e.g. fat).
  Image of e32ef62cde51cdca436f857f29041cc2   Bisphenol-A (BPA) is a chemical compound which is utilised, among other things, as protective coatings and inner lining with most tin cans. BPA damages DNA, alters hormones and can lead to obesity, infertility, cardiovascular disorders and also trigger cancer. The use of BPA has meanwhile been prohibited in baby food by the EU

Fòringsveiledning, gjelder for voksen hund med normal vekt:

      5 kg: 150 - 200 g
    20 kg: 600 - 800 g
    30 kg: 900 - 1.200 g

Fòringsmengde skal tilpasses hundens behov. Påvirkes av trening, aktivitet, sesong, rase og metabolisme. Vi anbefaler jevnlig veiing av hunden.

  • MEATLOVE Classic Range

    MEATLOVE Classic Range

    FULLFÒR Inneholder minst 80% ferskt kjøtt. Prossesert og supplementert med ferske grønnsaker eller glutenfrie karbohydrater.



    FULLFÒR Produktserie spesiallaget for hunder som tolererer kun en proteinkilde grunnet matintoleranse eller allergier. Produsert med Amarant-planten, brun hirse, potet eller ris for gluten- og kornfri ernæring.



    FULLFÒR Produsert spesielt for hunder som av ernæingsmessige grunner kun tolererer en proteinkilde. Spesialdesignet for hunder med allergier og matinntoleranse. Godt egnet for hunder med diabetes, inflammatorisk bukspyttkjærtel, leddproblemer og epilepsi.