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BRAVO tyggebein

  • How do I notice quality differences among brands?

    Always choose a big knotted bone or if it's a different shape, make sure it's heavy, without any odor or glazed fat on the surface. That will guarantee you are receiving more value for your money and a perfectly dried product.

    If you prefer to treat your dog to a flavored chew, make sure the aroma and flavor equal the manufacturer's claim. A beef flavored chew is not the same as a brown colored chew and your dog will know the difference immediately. Dogs are nose sensitive and can not be fooled. They will always prefer a treat with an enticing aroma and taste.

  • Are Lennox’s flavored products non-staining?

    Yes. In the rare event that any of our products stain your dog's teeth or your belongings, please contact us immediately for a refund. We stand by our guarantee.

  • How often should my dog chew rawhide?

    He can play all day long.

  • Is rawhide safe?

    Yes. Rawhide dog chews are fully digestible. If your dog has a gastrointestinal sensitivity you should obtain veterinarian approval first. You should also only offer your dog the proper size treat as to avoid choking or injurious swallowing.

  • Is the country of origin important?

    Yes. There are countries that are well-known worldwide for high quality leather products which insure the hides are easily available and always in fresh condition. Argentina, where our factory is located, is one of the top countries recognized for quality leather and beef cattle of premium quality.

  • Is chewing beneficial for my dog?

    Absolutely. Chewing prevents plaque from depositing on his teeth and helps him maintain strong and healthier gums. Your furniture and shoes will also look newer if your puppy chews our products and leaves your belongings untouched.

  • Which are the best sellers?

    Different dogs have different preferences. In rawhide the top choices are Natural, Hickory Smoked, Peanut Butter, Vanilla and Bubble Gum.

    All dogs love meat bones so the natural bones with vitamins and filled with chicken will satisfy all breeds. Our meat  lines offer a healthy snack alternative made with real chicken only in a FDA, and EU certified plant without any hormones, antibiotics or any other substance than can harm your pet’s health.